About Us

rEVENTS Academy: Reinvigorating Festivals & Events

    rEVENTS Academy is a robust (and fun) support program that provides event committees with the tools, resources, systems, processes and team work to assist them in delivering a high-quality event that drives overnight visitation in their community.

    Think about this: 

    • What are we doing to ensure that these events and their communities remain competitive and sustainable? 
    • What are we doing to ensure that the marketing funds provided by State Government are providing a long term benefit to the regions? 
    • How do we stop many of the volunteer committees and event drivers from burning out? 

    rEVENTS Academy works with many regional events that are struggling with succession and sustainability, many suggesting they are burnt out and the future of the event will not exist without them. As a direct result of hearing this too many times, we have decided that it is time to do something!


    Sustainability: More sustainable festivals and events in regional destinations

    Quality Events: Professional and capable volunteer community groups delivering events and attracting attendees

    Growth: Growing established events into flagship destination events

    Regional Success: Improving the visitor experience and encouraging regional dispersal and increased visitor spend

    Collaboration: Linking event committees across regions to encourage collaboration, information sharing and possibly resource sharing

    Experiences: Higher-quality festivals and events, which offer a destination experience

      Events are important drivers of tourism. Research indicates three-quarters of event attendees would not have gone to a destination, if not for an event. In addition, for 57% of first-time visitors to the region, the event is the main reason for visiting and likewise for 69% of repeat visitors

      Source: Reinventing Rural Places, The extent and impact of festivals in rural and regional Australia | Uni of Wollongong

      Creating a community of regional events driven by fun and productive teams that work hard, but are less busy!!

      With over 15 years experience in the industry I believe that by ensuring our regional and rural events have sustainable foundations and productive teams, we can continue to drive visitation, economic growth and community pride into our regions 

      - Linda Tillman, Founder (Regional & Rural Tourism Advocate)