Reinvigorating Regional and Rural Events

Regional and rural events throughout Australia are facing a series of complex challenges that are impacting on their sustainability and success.


Here is a snapshot of the key learnings’ delegates took away from this presentation. 

• Many events in regional and rural Australia have hit the maturity stage in their lifecycle and with challenges around volunteer capacity and access to funds, they are struggling to find the time and energy to consider reinvigoration. They are barely ‘turning the cogs’ each year.


• Before regional events can reinvigorate, they need to invest in getting their strategy, systems and structure in place. Without this, reinvigoration will be wasted.

• Regional events need to look closely at their team and the business model and consider how this can be reinvigorated to support future success. The old model of 100% volunteer-run events is proving ineffective. It’s time for more regional events to look at government, community and industry collaborations. 

• Having a clear pathway to growth will provide regional events with clarity and direction.

• Success stories from Southern Highlands’ Tulip TimeParkes Elvis Festival and Grampians Grape Escape highlighted how new business models can inject new energy, increased sustainability and overall success

See the the full presentation.

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