The cycle of event management

Event management is a loop of planning, execution and improvement. 

Don’t stop thinking about your event once you’ve pulled it off then get into panic mode six months before it’s due again!

Your post-event review is most critical part in the whole cycle – if you don’t do it well, your event won’t remain competitive and relevant to consumer trends.

Take the time to measure your successes and your events’ needs for improvement, and plan to adjust your event accordingly:

  • Research other events, and go experience other events for inspiration.

  • Learn about trends in events and event tourism.

  • Research to understand your visitors and target markets.


Some of this review needs prep before the event, such as creating visitor surveys to get filled out during the event and to send out right afterwards along with surveys for your other stakeholders: committee, sponsors, suppliers, etc. Create this once well, and it’s done for all time.

Our article on how to measure your event's economic impact as tips on what to include in your survey questions.

We recommend using the free SurveyMonkey for creating surveys that automatically collate all the response into easy-to-read reports.


Here is a 10-minute podcast by event expert Linda Tillman on reviewing your event on

  • What is involved in a post-event review

  • Who should do it – the coordinator and their support

  • Where to get information from

  • What 3 things to include in a simple event report

Set up your surveys, debrief meeting agendas, and your budget templates accurately – and then you only have to tweak them in years to come to help you be more productive but less busy, and able to engage with the event that you’re passionate about without ending up overwhelmed.

We have easy-to-use DIY templates to streamline your review. You can either purchase individual templates here or have access to all of them with an annual subscription to rEvents Hub.


We'd love to hear if you've ever learned something really helpful for your event through your review process. Please leave your comment below.

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