A strategic approach rather than a bandaid solution

In November 2017 South Burnett Regional Council signed up to rEVENTS Academy as a strategy to help build the capacity of the region's event committees.

Council's expectation was that the events would produce a return on its investment by attracting greater visitation from outside the region.

The vision was to gain a better economic return from the region’s events, while also contributing to their long-term sustainability and success.

Participating events included:
• Kingaroy BaconFest
• Blackbutt Avocado Festival
• Burrandowan Races
• Nanango Country Music Muster
• Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

rEVENTS Academy director Linda Tillman at Kingaroy BaconFest

Each of these events participated in ten monthly training modules with event expert Linda Tillman, which provided them with access to tools and resources to help streamline their planning processes, new insights and knowledge, and the ability to share knowledge and network amongst themselves.

All of this was done in their own offices, with the online delivery ensuring that the program was accessible for everyone. 

The program concluded on Tuesday December 18, 2018 with a graduation and celebratory luncheon in Nanango.


 Participating events said what they gained from rEVENTS Academy was:

• "It has provided clear direction as to the order of business to create an event and to ensure that we cover all bases. To have a 10-step process to follow ensures that at the end we have an event that we can all be proud of."

• "Every time we do a module it all resonates and clicks. rEVENTS Academy reinforced for me that what I was trying to implement for my event was right and allowed me the time and support to finesses my practices."
• "It’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with event management. We have to treasure the volunteers we have!"
• "While we haven’t yet had time to use many of the templates provided, I’ve got no doubt they will be a huge help moving forward."
• "Through our involvement with rEVENTS we were able to negotiate a sponsorship with a research company to conduct surveys at our event. We also have a greater understanding of how we’d like our event to develop and what we want it to look like in the future."

• "The Q&A sessions with people and agencies like Tourism & Events Queensland have greatly influenced the way we think about our event and how it can fit in to the broader tourism landscape."

• "I’ve learnt a great deal from Linda’s methodical approach to event organising. As the Committee Chair, I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to pick Linda’s brain as needed. Her support has been invaluable."

• "The events cross promoted, attended each other’s events, worked on a promotional campaign together, and shared knowledge. It got them talking to each other regularly."

• "rEVENTS has provided a framework for event success and opened the door to marketing partnerships of value to events." 


Reviewing the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival with the volunteers

• "A measure of success for me is that at our recent AGM, we were successful in filling 3 executive positions and 12 sub-management positions out of 15. It clearly shows the confidence people now have in an association that is being run a professional level, with procedures/KPI’s/operation manual and flow charts to assist. Without this level of professionalism, I believe we would still be floundering, just the few that did."

Testimonial from South Burnett Regional Council

"We kicked a goal big time by getting to be the pilot program. I am so, so happy that we didn’t miss out on that chance. It was such a good fit right from the beginning. When the rEVENTS director told me about it, I thought, ‘That’s exactly what we need.’ We’ve been able to do something that makes sense instead of spending a tiny amount on event grants." - Senior Economic Development Officer

Cristy HoughtonComment