PODCAST: The Importance of Post Event Review & Analysis

The start of the event planning cycle – and the most critical part – is reviewing your event to find out what’s working and what’s not. How are you doing in achieving your event’s purpose? 

The review will help the committee answer questions like these:

How do we create a successful and sustainable event?

How do we drive more visitation?

How do we sell more tickets?

How can we enhance the visitor experience?

How do we stop our committee from burning out?

Plus it’s getting pretty competitive out there with attracting visitors to regional festivals and events – you need to listen to your audience so you can improve and develop your event. 

In this episode, Linda shares about

What all is involved in a post event review

Who should do it – the coordinator and their support

Where to get information from

What 3 things to include in a simple event report

Where you can find DIY templates to streamline the process


3:15   The Event Review Coordinator’s role

5:29   Your festival-day surveying team

7:15   In depth conversations with your visitors
7:48   The ideal number of surveys to do

8:30   Online surveys

11:17 Gathering feedback from other aspects of your event – budget, ticket sales, marketing channels, online analytics, online reviews, stallholder and sponsor feedback, and debrief meetings

12:30 Community debrief meeting

13:29 Committee and volunteer debrief meeting

14:38 Preparing a simple event report – what to include       

17:53 Where to find DIY Tools to assist you with your review

Set up your surveys, debrief meeting agendas, and your budget templates accurately – and then you only have to tweak them in years to come to help you be more productive but less busy – able to engage with the event that you’re passionate about without ending up overwhelmed.

And that’s why event review is the first step in planning your next event. It utilises the power of your engagement with your tribe during your event to start the process for improving the next event.

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