The signature program for rEVENTS Academy is the 10 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL & SUSTAINABLE EVENT MANAGEMENT program, that provides events with a virtual event expert over a 10-month period, to guide them, support them and provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure efficiency, productivity and sustainability. 

 This program has everything that event committees need, and all the hard work has been done for you. Our dedicated discussion boards and mastermind groups are also there to provide opportunity to share knowledge and network with fellow event committees.

 Each module consists of three lessons, with each lesson providing you with:

  • Pre-recorded training video

  • Supporting resources, tools & templates to help you action the learnings

  • Successful case studies and examples to highlight how others do it

  • Links to further supporting readings, podcasts and blog articles to extend your knowledge

  • Access to a live Q&A session to allow for further discussion on the topic

Is this suitable for our event team? 

The 10 Steps program has been designed with regional event committees in mind, so if your event is managed by a team of community members (volunteer and/or paid) then this is for you. The event will participate in all of the 10 training modules, but we recommend that to get the best out of it you have those positions most suited to the module topic participate (with one consistent person to participate in all modules).

How much time do we need to commit?

As a committee you will commit a maximum of 10 hours per month to this program to ensure you get the best outcomes. At a minimum you will be required to commit 2 hours per month. Once it is complete your committee will save hours and hours each year.

What order do I do the 10 modules in?

The program has been designed so that you can determine the best way to approach it. What we recommend is that you commence the 10 steps 10 months prior to your event and follow the typical event planning steps, which will mean that you will basically have us holding your hand as you plan your event. If you follow this recommendation, you will undertake the modules in the following order.

  1. Strategic Planning

  2. Post Event review

  3. Event Planning

  4. Event Team

  5. Finance

  6. Sponsorship

  7. Grant Funding

  8. Marketing

  9. Risk Management + Operations

  10. Logistics & Preparation

I’ve learnt a great deal from Linda’s methodical approach to event organising. As the Committee Chair, I’ve also appreciated having the opportunity to pick Linda’s brains as needed. Her support has been invaluable. 
— Kath, BaconFest

In addition to the signature program rEVENTS Academy offers: