Regional Bootcamps & Retreats

Do you have many events and committee members in your regional or rural community that could benefit from face to face professional development or mentoring?

Are you looking for a customised training or development program for a group of events or committee members in your region?

rEVENTS academy Founder Linda Tillman has been delivering event bootcamps, retreats, mentoring and training for over ten years and loves nothing more than to getting into your community to support and assist your events and committee members.


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From 2hrs through to a few days, we can deliver bootcamps and retreats tailored to the challenges your events and committees are currently facing. Some of the modules covered could include:

  • Post Event – you thought it was over!

  • Event Planning – Take the STRESS out of event management

  • Finance – Show me the money!

  • Sponsorship + Grants – the power of partners.

  • Risk Management – prevention is better than cure!

  • Marketing Plan 

  • Working with Media + Influencers to show off your event

  • Digital Marketing& Social Media for events

  • Volunteers are your most significant event asset!How to recruit & retain

  • Logistics + Preparation – countdown to event day!

This is a completely customised solution, and we come to you!

The face to face bootcamps and retreats can be combined with online training platforms to further extend the learning and networking power and to ensure it is practical, affordable and flexible.

We prefer to customise our bootcamps and retreats to ensure it is 100% what the events need.

Local Government and Regional Tourism Organisations interested in packaging modules for a cluster of events in their region are encouraged to drop us a line to discuss how we can customise the solution for their needs.


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