Top 5 Regional Flagship Funding Tips for NSW Regional Events

In 2016, the NSW Government announced exciting changes to the Regional Flagship Events Program. In addition to the Flagship Event Fund (which provides marketing dollars to increase the profile of and visitation to emerging events), there are two new funds:

  • The Incubator Event Fund (for new events) and,
  • The Event Development Fund, which supports the strategic development of established events

Destination NSW is now calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Flagship Event Fund of the 2018 Regional Flagship Events Program.

 The two-stage Flagship Event Fund offers two grants:

  • Annual grants of $20,000 and
  • Triennial grants of $27,500 each year for three years


 Top 5 Tips:

  1. Choose your funding pool carefully. Ensure you have read and understand the eligibility for each of the three funds within the Regional Flagship Events Program Fund. 

  2. Make yourself familiar with the selection criteria. For example, it is vital that you demonstrate clear strategies for measuring and evaluating visitation and the visitor experience

  3. Develop a marketing plan. Ensure your marketing plan clearly identifies your target market, the strategies you will use to reach them and measurable objectives (if this sounds like too much, we can help!). Remember, grant monies MUST be spent on marketing initiatives that encourage overnight visitation from outside your region

  4. Get Connected! Get in touch with the ‘Get Connected’ Team at Destination NSW and ensure your event is listed and the content provided is up to date (P: 1300 655 077; E:

  5. Start now! Create an account and complete the Application and General Information sections online. The EOI consists of 10 weighted questions which require short (1,600 character) responses.
    Sample questions include…
    What involvement or financial/in-kind support do you receive from your local Council? and Please outline the management structure of your event including key roles and responsibilities, and the use of paid/unpaid staff.
    You may like to copy and paste the questions into a Word document and prepare your responses offline

Would you rather relax this October long weekend?! Let us review your EOI and provide practical tips on enhancing it.

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